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14th April 2021 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

I charge 30 for your initial 'finding out' appointment and then my normal fee after that is 50.00 for one hour. However if you are struggling financially please do not hesitate to tell me and we can negotiate a different amount. I would rather someone get the help they need rather than be put off coming because they cannot afford it. Some people come every other week rather than weekly as this helps with the cost.

When could I come?

I work most mornings until 2.00 p.m. and Mon, Tues and Thurs evenings, the last appointment being 7.45.

How long should I come for?

I offer short-term counselling (4 - 6 sessions) or longer depending on your needs. If it is longer, I will usually do a review of our work together every six weeks or so and ask you whether you think we are on the right track and whether you would like to continue.

Who do you counsel?

I counsel individuals from the age of 16 up.

Can I be sure of your confidentiality?

Absolutely. What we discuss will not go outside of the counselling room. However, there are one or two exceptions to this and I will go through this when you come and see me.


It is my intention to give you a positive counselling experience. However, if I feel that what you bring to me is beyond my professional competence, I will discuss this with you and endeavour to refer you to a therapist with more relevant experience.